Stirling engines are unique among heat engines because they have a very high theoretical efficiency, as a matter of fact it is almost equal to their theoretical Carnot efficiency.

Stirling engines in their reversible cycle or refrigeration mode are powered by an electric motor to produce extremely cold temperatures by the repetitive expansion and contraction (compression) of a selected working gas. The fixed amount of gas inside a Stirling refrigerator is transferred back and forth between a “hot” chamber (the refrigeration head) and the cold chamber where the unwanted heat is deposited for final extraction through the engine´s cooling fluid.

FLAVEX Stirling refrigerator is the most economic and yet efficient way to produce Liquid Natural Gas in a distributed way, by tapping from existing grid, liquating the gas on site and refueling trucks and cars alike.


  • LNG (Liquid Natural Gas)
  • HTSC (Cooling of High Temperature Super Conductor)
  • Food Industry (High speed freezing or ultra low temperatures)
  • Heat Treatment (cooling parts to cryogenic temperatures for enhanced molecular properties)